Mining History Association Grants


The Research Grant Program is open to all who are currently engaged in or who plan to conduct mining history research, including graduate students, academic scholars, public sector professionals in related disciplines, independent scholars, writers, and educators. Research may focus on technology, business, social and cultural life, the environment, or any other aspect of mining, its associated industries, and its communities. The MHA does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, age, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis. The Grant Committee, at its discretion, may make up to two grants per year. Funding may vary, up to a maximum of $750 per grant. The amount of each award will be determined by the Grant Committee on the basis of available funding, the grant criteria as indicated below, and on individual budget priorities. Announcement of the winner(s) will be made as quickly as possible, so that funds may be used in preparation for the 2013 Annual meeting.

Criteria for selection include the following:

1. Clarity of the stated objectives and procedures.

2. Quality of the work anticipated and the likelihood that the proposed project will be successfully completed within one year from the time the grant money becomes available.

3. Significance of the research topic to mining history.

4. How specific, realistic, and conservative the budget is.

5. Plans for disseminating the results of the research. Agree to prepare, within one year following a grant award, either a presentation for consideration by the program committee at the MHA Annual meeting, or an article to be reviewed in consideration for publication by The Mining History Journal. Some awardees may choose to do both.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must submit the following before midnight on April 15, 2012 to

1. One complete Application Form (Download as an MS-Word file).

2. A resumé/vita with personal information relevant to the proposal.

Thanks for your application.

2012 Mining History Association Grant Committee:  Brian Leech (Chair), Eric Nystrom, David Wolff


Download the application form as a PDF file.


Recent Grant Recipients

  • 2015 Paul White, University of Alaska-Anchorage; Jane Bardal, Central New Mexico Community College; Nathan Delaney, Case Western Reserve University.

  • 2011 Leif Frederickson, University of Virginia; Tassie Katherine Hirschfeld, University of Oklahoma; Atlantic City (Wyoming) Historical Society.

  • 2008 Brian Leech, University of Wisconsin.

  • 2007 James McBride, Arizona State University; Renee Ross, Arizona State University; and Scott F. See, Michigan Tech.

  • 2006 Darby Moore-Doyle, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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